Weekend Goodies


Since I was busy doing something and then nothing, I didn’t take a whole lot of photos this weekend. So you get a mix of last week’s goodness too!


First up, mango delivery! I have a severe weakness for these mangoes that can only be found at costco. And of course, I don’t really have a costco membership so my awesome friend gets them for me. Not much can be more lovely than to come home to a surprise mango delivery!

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of roses. They’re a little overused and if you dare try to put baby’s breath in with them I might be forced to break your finger. Just sayin. Oh sure, roses do their part with their beautiful colors and fragrant smells and I’ve definitely been known to traverse the rose gardens and perhaps take a photo or two. That all being said, I have a soft spot for the exotic roses like these. They are large and brilliant with multiple colors. And two or three do just lovely in a small vase. And I love my little cracked vase!

And my final bit of documented goodness was Saturday night. I don’t drink hardly at all, but every once in a while it can hit the spot after a rough day. I’ve had this Mike’s stashed in my fridge for months upon months and finally I decided to break into it. I’m sad though that I can’t find it anywhere anymore. I hope they didn’t discontinue it, but who knows. I also found this bit of Umpqua goodness while out at my local grocery store exploration. For the life of me, never have I seen mini umpqua’s. It’s like a whole new world of goodness has opened its arms and dear lord, I could definitely be in trouble, hehe.

Other lovely weekend goodness:

+ Treating my moomoo to breakfast + being thigh-deep in water before beginning the project + working outside for three hours without a drop of rain and even some lovely sunshine + watching Rocky & Rocky II for the first time eva. Aaaaaadrien! + Getting to see Just Wright again and the ending of Penelope – I’m a sucker.

Hugs & Love!


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