NMM: New Music Monday!


New Music Monday 

Hello kiddies! Back to the grind and back to music goodness. I actually planned a different post, but in the interest of not wanting my brain to lose train of thought, I voted to entertain it. This morning I was driving to work (like you do) and came across a new song with an eerily familiar tune . . . You ever have that? Something fresh is not so fresh. We are not talking about dirty socks here. I understand that essentially all music is recycled and old music can sound new depending on who does it, but still. There’s nothing like listening to Pitbull and being reminded of an awesome d-rated 80’s movie about moving one’s hips while wearing polyester. Because really, what more could you want on a monday morning? I don’t expect anyone else to know this movie, it was one of those weird late night movies that was on the tellie in the early 90’s when they had nothing better to play and were allowed to show bump and grind . . . or as they call it, the lambada! Listen and enjoy.








Happy Monday! 


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