Things I Love Thursday


Breakfast at Cup & Saucer  The Venetian theater ♥ Bag ‘n Baggage’s show of Macbeth  Random trips of nostalgia through Salem Going to bed on time FINALLY  Swimming again. Amazing!  Nalgene water bottles – BPA free even Hipster hang outs on Sunday morning in SE  The open farmers markets on Hawthorne and in OC  Sunshine Saturdays  Men’s shirts from Columbia Sportswear. Comfy and long (finally!). And perfect for workout! ♥ Dresses, oh how I want lovely dresses for spring and summer!  Slowly tidying up after the sickness  Ecuadorian roses ~ so beautiful you only need two and look perfect in my little cracked white vase  Trillium’s coming into bloom  Considering seeing Suckerpunch sheerly because of who it is made by and visually it could be awesome despite the potential for T&A  Getting the day off for my trip to Bend. So excited! Even if I didn’t realize it’s on memorial day weekend . . .  The start of my church month. I’m excited for the potential and to complete my goal!  Completing “the big hill”  Singing songs in spanish ♥  Being able to order a bean burrito without red sauce. I really don’t care for it and it’s one less thing to consume.  Rediscovering clothes I haven’t worn in foreva  weheartit My dad saying “the cat’s meow”  A week down without bread or pasta. Huzzah! ♥ Love fortune cookies The downtown market opening for the season. Soon all of the farmer’s markets will open, I can’t wait to be back!  The wonderful attitude of one of my coworkers who doesn’t look at me as though anything is not doable. I dearly appreciate this more than you will ever know and one day I will say yes to your 8k offer.  Having emergency supplies at your desk. I hate when you are in a rush and forget to do something like put on deodorant or get the water out of your ears. This is a lifesaver! ♥ Getting back in touch with my trainer friend again and planning a cycling meet up Pushing through my swim and making it up to 15 laps so far


Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella circa 1965


 Robert De Niro dancing the can can. Deliriously delightful! I want a heart painted on my cheek!


 This Bat For Lashes video. How amazing is this. It’s like ET and Donnie Darko had a love child. All done in one night because they had to close the street and the main gal had never ridden a bike before. Love!


 Hugs & Love!



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