Wednesday Morning Announcements


Wednesday Morning Announcements:

A) I tell myself I want to wake up early today so I can be productive. In turn, my body wakes me up an hour before my alarm. That’s nice. At least it listens.

B) After being sucked into 43 pages of weheartit, I am now convinced that we are obsessed with the following things:

  • Pink
  • Women
  • Cupcakes
  • Cardboard Creatures

I’m sort of ok with this. Carry on.

C) My neighbor continues to astound me with the weirdness. First, they’re hardly around and then suddenly reappear as though to let everyone know they didn’t kill each other yet. Then the garbage can repo guy comes last week only to sit in front of the house debating for 20 minutes as though to decide whether or not they were repo-worthy. My dog and I watched from the front lawn. I don’t think he noticed we were standing there. This weekend she got a wild hair up her arse and drove the undriven-for-8-months mercedes up the embankment and into the front lawn. Ya know, because the driveway was taken up by the giant frickin’ storage container. It now sits cattywampus as like a teeter-totter. Finally, last night he comes home and manages to set off his truck alarm while still sitting in the car. That’s right, it must be stolen. Once he collected himself, he proceeded to make the sound of what can only be thought of as loading wood into the back of the pickup at 10 o’clock at night. Which commingled with the stupid bird outside my window that thinks cacah-cacah and tooky tooky are appropriate at night. They’re not. And I have a sneaking suspicion that the beamer will never get an official license plate due to the ever rotating collection of temp tags that seem to keep extending his time. That’s right kiddies, my neighbor is awesome.

D) One day, I will remember pre-ouch that there is a reason to complete all of the stretches. It isn’t just to look like a fucked up gumby.

E) Happy Hump Day!


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