Happy Tuesday


Tomorrow is hump day. It’d be nice to get over this hump of not being able to focus because it’s really starting to kill me. I swear my mind is going in fifty different directions. Ooo shiny! Working out again and thinking of my goals, learning a new way with food, re-budgeting, trying to plan my Bend trip, blah blah blah.

Things are going well though. I’m more than a week in with no bread or pasta. It’s not really finding it a challenge to give it up, but I’m finding the challenge is more being conscious of what I’m eating. Example: I went to Chang’s the other day and got my usual bowl o’ yummyness and completely spazzed out that the noodles in it can be construed as pasta until it was being cooked. Thank god for meat and rice! I felt bad for having half a plate of noodles left over because I had a stupido moment. Darn noodle. I’m also finding that my system feels significantly different without general breads and pastas. I can understand why people opt to live without them.

Working out is going well too. I went swimming on Saturday night and it felt wonderful. I set the challenge of 8 laps and made it to 12. Probably could have done more had I not left my water bottle in the car. I was hoping to do a double workout tonight, but alas, I’m not quite there yet. Instead, Boo and I did a nice big trail run down to the river and then back up the hill again. It’s sad that for a brief moment I wanted to die on that hill. I can’t wait to be back to where I was. I actually had to have a logic moment with myself at the bottom of the hill to determine what it all meant for me. “You have a choice: you are welcome to take the easier way if you so wish. But that will pretty much keep you where you’re at and you have to decide if that is where you’re happy. If not, then you have to do something different . . . like get your butt up the giant hill. Start moving.” I invested a little in working out yesterday too by a quick trip to the Columbia outlet store. I stocked up on shirts for working out and tried out some new socks. I’ve been hating not having any designated work out clothing and it makes me not feel great about it. No more though. I bought men’s shirts for the sheer sake that they are longer. I love ’em.

In other clothing news, I’ve been drooling over spring skirts and dresses. One of my goals this year was to wear more and there are a couple out that I’m really loving. I’m weary of buying just yet because of the whole losing weight thing, but I think one or two pieces might definitely have to come my way. It’ll be nice to feel girly and feminine again. Maybe it’s too early for wishful thinking and dreaming of warm weather, but it’s almost april and I can’t wait!

There’s probably more to say, but alas it’s time for bed. Hugs & love!



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