Weekend Goodness



After being sick so much lately, I’m thrilled to have had an amazing weekend! I didn’t have a ton planned originally, but it seems that sometimes goodness just finds you as it needs to. I took myself on a movie date on friday night and though it was definitely not my intention, I ended up watching the same movies I had the week before. What can I say, I’m a sucker for good movies. And all over again, it was perfect. And finding my VHS copy of the 1965 version of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella in the give away box at home later that night made it even better. Like the cherry on top! I know I know, VHS . . . 1965 . . . It’s awesome. How can you resist the singing and colored tights and the use of the work “lass”?! That’s right, you can’t.

Saturday I awoke to glorious sunshine and instantly knew I had to be outside. I have this hidden talent. I call it “sunshine radar”. If there is sunshine to be found out and about, I will find it. Dark clouds can be looming on either side of me, but everywhere I go, there will be sunshine. So I packed the puppydog up and off we went on an adventure. Despite clouds, we headed south. The sunshine was elsewhere but I just felt the pull to go south. Boo and I went slummin’ it in the capital. It’s weird going to old stomping grounds, seeing what’s changed and what hasn’t. But that wasn’t where I was supposed to stay. I was told to go to Dallas. Weirdly enough, despite all my random knowledge of Salem, I had never really been through Dallas. It was surprisingly big. (*insert that’s what she said joke here*) And who knew they had a botanical garden? I’ll definitely be back. And I even got a cool photo or two. Later in the night after I got back, I persuaded my bum to get up off the couch and go swimming. I can’t even explain how wonderful it was. I haven’t been in a couple of months, but it felt like I never stopped. There’s something about the water that I will forever be in love with. And I love when you get in “the zone”. Where every movement is fluid and you are no longer tired, you just want to keep going. And you wish forever you could stay like that. Being my first time back, I set a goal of 8 straight laps. I pushed it to 12 in the end. Maybe next time it will be even better when I remember my water bottle . . .


Today was perfection. I really couldn’t possibly ask for a better day. I woke up early and met the girls for breakfast at Cup & Saucer on Denver. Despite the drive to NoPo, I absolutely LOVE this place. Their food is all organic and always yummers! I found myself surrounded by delicious oatmeal, fruit, bacon and potatoes. The moment the food hit my tongue the world could not have been a better place.

And how can you not love these smiling faces? Hugs!


After that, I headed out to Hillsboro to see a local theater company’s production of Macbeth at The Venetian in old town. What a great theater this place is! I had never been there, but inside is positively lovely and luscious and the seats inside the theater are incredibly comfortable. I love a theater owner that recognizes that butts go numb after an hour or two and gifts you with the ability to shift with ease.

Inside The Venetian entryway


It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a play, let alone a Shakespearian play, but this was truly a treat. The set and costumes were great and I give mucho kudos to those who adapted it, for doing all the parts by only 5 people and doing it well is truly a sight to be seen.
Verdict says: two very enthusiastic thumbs up! I’d even go again.

If you’re in the Portland area, I highly recommend checking out Bag ‘n Baggage Theater Company.


Well, now it’s time to relax. I hope you had a stupendous weekend as well. Hugs & love!


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