Kicking Ass & Taking Names! Errr . . . maybe.


I loved this pic so much, I stole it from Sarah. Perfection!

What a weird week. I can only count half this week as being in existence, that’s how not-present I’ve been. My day was spent in mind-numbing boringness of jury duty and waiting to eventually be excused. There’s nothing like feeding the meter and then having to do it again because the leprechaun’s played with the meter and hid my two tickets. And then walking the 6 or 7 blocks after starting out looking half way decent to find out there was a closer lot and oh yeah, you went to the next building and need to be next door. Awesome. At least I got to wear a Juror button all day. It’s the little things in life. But, I think it’s important to look on the bright side, so here’s some awesome goodness I can be happy about:

  • I made my first batch of sweet potato brownies on monday and they were great. I tried again on Tuesday and no bueno. I think I rushed it. I tried again and the outstandingness has returned. I also learned this week that you have to let the brownies cool in order to get them out of the pan in one piece. Good to know!
  • I got to see my moomoo this week and have dinner. And oh yeah, I showed her the Sylvester face and we watched parts of the new Rambo. Because that’s how we roll . . .
  • I made sweet potato fries for the first time ever. And they were yummy.
  • Other than a sandwich (allowable), I’ve had no pasta or bread this week. I’m stickin to it!
  • I made beef stew for the first time this week and it only gets better after sitting a day or two.
  • Finally caught up on dishes. I know it won’t last, but it’s important to celebrate the mini triumph.
  • Tomorrow is friday! Woot woot!
  • Tomorrow I will be on a mission to find a BLT sandwich. I have such a hankering and I will not rest until there is success.
  • Movie date night after work tomorrow
  • Tomorrow is casual day and I get to wear the boots. I don’t know what I find this terribly awesome, but I’ve been really wanting to wear them lately. Might even continue on through the weekend.


I hope everyone had a safe St Patty’s Day filled with lotsa green and beer. Hugs & Love!



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