Made From Real Girl Scouts


What a weird and interesting weekend. I count this weekend as a reset weekend. Didn’t do a whole lot, for the most part stayed home and recouped from the sickness.

On friday I went to Pita Pit after a good workout with the puppydog. I love pita pit. It’s a bit of a drive (all the way downtown), but I sort of feel it’s worth it. A yummy gyro with spinach and feta with tomatoes and onions. I just can’t help the yum factor! And if I can find a good spot, I think it’s a sign . . .

Woke up Saturday and went to breakfast with the pops. I still don’t have much appetite back so the buffet is somewhat amusing. Afterwards the puppydog and I spent had fun at the vet and doggywash. I wonder if she knows she’s cute. People say so when we go out and all of the vets love her because she’s easy-going. Even the nail trimmer says she’s the easiest patient she has (other than dragging her down the hall in her sheer excitement and enthusiasm). I will say though, my one sticking point is that Boo really wants to make sure I have awesome arm muscles. Despite the handy-dandy step stools that dog washes have, she’ll never go up it. Instead, I am forced to heft her fine puppydog arse up into the tub. Thank heavens she smells better now. So fresh and so clean! After tubby time I did a little cleaning up of toilet paper rolls (Boo thought they’d be fun to play with) and went hunting for a change of pace under the bed . . . . Every once in a while you need to make a change in the bedroom. Sheets people, sheets! I now have fresh clean sheets and put to use a quilt I haven’t used for a long while. It’s nice to breath new life into items you love. Even if the puppydog makes it a little difficult . . .


Today was spent most gloriously. I stayed up uber late last night watching movies and therefore my motivation to do much of anything was sorely lacking. And so, I took full advantage of this feeling and stayed in bed to read all day long. One of my greatest pleasures in life is snuggling beneath the covers and listening to the pouring rain outside while reading in bed. I find this to be incredibly lovely. Oh, well of course I took a break for lunch with one of my bestest gal pals . . . and then could think of nothing better to do than finish my book. Sometimes it’s nice to take pleasure in doing nothing. And thin mints.

Happy Sunday lovies!



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  1. Boo is adorable! You are lucky to have a great doggie! The only time I can cut my dog’s nails is when she is sleeping.

    Pita Pit looks like a place I will be in a heartbeat! Gyros, yes, please!

    What a beautiful picture…you look too cute!

  2. Awww thanks hun! You so sweet!

    Yeah, I got lucky with my lil’ roadside find. She may be boo the destructor, but I wouldn’t trade her.

    I would say yes to the pita pit thing for you, but you gave up red meat for lent. You’d have to choose something other than beef lol

  3. Does this mean you finished “THE BOOK” of mine? My very favorite book, that I haven’t seen for over a year now? The one that I reread every year becasue I think it’s FABULOUS????

    • No. Frankly, I fail with “THE BOOK”. I’m not giving up though! I will conquer! And I’m setting a deadline for the end of April. Think of it as an Easter present rather than a bunny that poops candy and a duckling that delivers assorted chocolatey goodness. Good?

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