Fill In The ___ Friday



1. My biggest accomplishment in life thus far is … being alive? I think that’s going pretty well. Everything else I think of kind of pales in comparison.

2. My favorite place to sit in my house is … in my bed. It’s comfy and cozy and usually Boo is at the end of it.

3. My fashion philosophy is …  to be comfortable. I understand style isn’t always comfort (I wear heels too), but if you aren’t confident because you are uncomfortable, it doesn’t matter how good your outfit is because nobody will believe it, you’ll be too busy picking and pulling at yourself. Be comfortable and know that you are fabulous!

4. Something every girl should have is …  a good pair of simple black heels. They don’t have to be super high or flamboyant, just something simple and classy. Heels can take you from casual to ready to go out in five seconds.

5. If you looked in my purse right now you’d find …  waaaaay too much stuff. Receipts, cards, cash (I’m not using a wallet right now), vaseline, lip gloss, gum, motrin, fingerless gloves, cream, a hair band, loose change, a notice to stop looking in my purse . . .

6. My favorite music right now is … very Portland. Mellow alternative with soul. I’m loving the bands with old school sound influence like Florence and the Machine and The Black Keys.

7. My favorite part of my body is … my lips and my eyes. I also really love when I have shoulder muscle. I’m working on my calves and butt again. I will see them triumph once more!


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