Scenes From A Sicky


“You better be up because you have to pee and you’re going back to bed”


It use to be that my Dad had to persuade me to go to school. He is now persuading me to stay home and take care of myself. What strange times we live in. Then again, sometimes things stay the same . . . today, just as it was then, I did not listen. Of course, I felt bad, went to work, did too much too long and overdid myself. My crazy, lightening-speed chest cold has migrated upwards into a fun head cold. Thank heavens for NyQuil and soft tissues! And frankly, I’m jealous of whomever else in the office that this is quickly ending for. I do not seem to be so fortunate. Really, all I want to do is complete some laundry and nap throughout the day. I long to be out of my hazy sickness-induced stupor. There is nothing esthetically pleasing about sneezing every 10 minutes and blowing your nose. Really, if anything, it’s astonishing. 

Again, I suppose the silver lining is that there’s lots of goodness heading my way once I finally recover . . . I was in the bagel shop the other day and saw an awesome looking poster for an acting group putting on a showing of Macbeth this week and next. I think it might be fun to go and see. Hopefully it’s done well. Also, upon discovering a playlist from the aerial show I went to in January, I came across some new tunes. One of the artists, Zoe Keaton, an amazing one-woman cello orchestra, I find is playing at a local theater at the end of the month. Cha-ching! And, the mother of all recent goodness, I am now the proud owner of one glorious ticket to the Decemberists show in Bend. And I got the ticket before they even go on sale to the general public. The excitement is oozing out of me! (Not to be confused with other oogyness.) I was starting to feel a little blank with future ideas and falling into a culture conundrum . . . it was getting sad. But really, could it get any better than this?!


And I finish with this little bit of goodness . . . naptime boo



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