This Post Is What Happens When You’re Sick



It’s 9pm on a Monday night and I’m writing a blog post. Do you know where your kids are? I find this sort of ridiculous. But as you might have noticed, this post is what happens when you’re sick. You know what really sucks about this? The timing. I know people always whine about that, it’s never a good time to be sick. But really truly. I just started getting back into trail running. I just got back into choir after a month away . . . at this rate who knows if I’ll be singing on Good Friday. I just had some great epiphanies about life and work this week and were ready to put them into action. And oh yeah, next week I may or may not be called for jury duty. Sick sucks. I’m tired but not ready for sleep. I want to be a functioning member of society yet the only thing I can function at right now is moving from room to room in my house like a grazing antelope. I also can’t seem to complete this post as I’ve written it twice now and blargh. Now, I’m forced to just be random.

The Sickness Continues . . .  First it was a tickle in the tonsils. Then it was a crazy wicked chest cold that attacked me with the force of . . . I don’t know. A bad force. After a trip to the doctor to find out it’s viral, it then moves up into a head cold. Stunning. On top of it, everybody and my brother is out in my department and working from home . . . or not. I’m going to try to go in for a little bit tomorrow morning. We’ll see how that goes . . .

The Den of Iniquity: You ever notice that when you’re sick everything goes downhill? Your motivation to move, your endeavor to keep your unsightly appearance put together and your surroundings begin to look like a den of iniquity. The clothes don’t get put away, the tissue pile begins to build and look like an effed up waffle house and water bottles, saltines, jello and top ramen begin to be your source of nourishment as you waft in and out of tired delirium. I look around and I’m secretly a tad grossed out. I feel gnarly, yet somewhere want to muster up the motivation to tidy up out of sheer hope that it’ll make me want to get better sooner.

Post Haste: I wish I could gather my wits about me and say that my NMM and various other posts are going to be on time this week, but let’s face it . . . I highly doubt that’s going to happen. I have a whole nice list and lots of ideas, but alas, good luck to me. The general plague-ness of brain and body seems to have taken over.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel: I suppose it’s always nice when you’re feeling crappy to find some shiny light at the end of the tunnel. Tonight, I found it. The shiny light, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I have been debating on doing a little traveling to go see a band in May. Tonight I was definitively persuaded to do so by finding who else was on the roster . . . Rodrigo y Gabriela. I’ve been wanting to see them for over a year after missing my chance last time. In fact, they are on the list. I’ve been stalking their tour dates, but haven’t seen anything come up. In fact, this wasn’t even list. But huzzah! Now, I just have to figure out where to stay . . .


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