Things I Love Thursday!



Little Things I’m Lovin’ .  . .

♥ Rambo ♥ Infinity scarves ♥ The Buybacks store ♥ Finally unpacking and putting away my suitcase ♥  New comfy Columbia socks ♥ Girl scout cookies. How great are thin mints! And tthey’re made from real girl scouts . . . ♥ Getting laundry completed and tidying up the domicile ♥ Surprises for my mom ♥ Puppydog hugs ♥ My Dad finally being home again ♥ Tillamook chocolate peanut butter ice cream ♥ 80’s movies ♥ Hats! Especially finally finding one. So happy to find again! ♥ The smell of hyacinths and the anticipation of spring ♥  Magazine goodness ♥ Men who smell like fresh laundry. Still. ♥ Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Sometimes you just need to go back to basics. ♥ Rupaul’s Drag Race. Soooo happy to see Miss Thang and her drag minions back to ruling the roost!!! ♥ Being able to do manual labor all day when you’re emotional and don’t want to think ♥ Getting bendy again ♥ Contemplating other avenues in life . . . science, music, art, literature ♥ Getting emotional over remembering why I wanted to be a music therapist ♥ Planning a movie date with myself friday ♥ The AMAZING guest conductor we had on Monday at practice. He was just what I needed to get back into the swing of sing! ♥ Getting my vocal range back finally ♥ Contemplating lights-out yoga on Sunday. More bendy please! (Even if my boobs do hit my face . . . ) ♥ Planning a fashion ambush of fabulous ♥ One of the boys sharing his home-cooked leftovers with me for lunch. Um. Yeah. Yummers! ♥ Sacrificing Don Quixote for the greater good of Don Giovanni and The Stravinsky Project. ♥ Asking me if I’m ok. That’s some of the most caring behavior I can think of. ♥ Hearing the Noisettes in a Verizon commercial! ♥ Awesomely colorful workout clothes, even if sometimes mismatched. ♥ Planning mustard chicken this weekeend ♥ Wondering how to be more ♥  


♥ People Are Strange


♥ You don’t have to be perfect. And it’s ok to celebrate why you aren’t.
My love-my-imperfections-list:

  • I procrastinate
  • I go to the store in my comfy pants.
  • Sometimes I just don’t give a darn.
  • I am not good at telling jokes. And sometimes just as bad retelling stories.
  • I have a dirty mind. Sometimes it shows.
  • I’m not cool. I don’t know how to play it cool. I have no stealth.
  • I wear my heart on my sleeve and everything shows on my face.
  • I ask dumb questions. Not because I’m dumb, but simply because my mouth moves faster than my brain sometimes. Or I just don’t know the answer and want to. I’m ok with it. 



“You are where you need to be.” 




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