Week In Pictures . . .

I really wish the fortune cookies would be more specific . . .


Boo and her friend Koda (& Koda’s owner) on puppy play day


I feel it’s important to know what your potential future employer is looking for and provide it. This sums it up pretty well I think . . .


I left the snow vacation behind just to have a freak snow storm hit P-town. Perhaps the universe is trying to hint at something for me . . .


Tulips from my wonderful work friend. Heart hug.


After all of the hype and hubub, I did it! I made crumbcake! And it smells yummy too. I dearly hope it came out ok, I’m too afraid to destroy the loveliness. Guess we’ll see tomorrow . . .


And I finish with my cuteface. This is the scene each time I eat on the couch. She hides under the coffee table in hopes I will fall for her cute look or perhaps develop a hole in my lip and mistakenly let something falter to the floor . . .



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  1. Awe! I love your pictures. I especially love the last one. Look at those puppy guilty eyes. I guess, all dogs do that, because my dog does it all the time!

  2. It’s the “I know you’re a sucker for my cuteness, I will make you melt!” look. First I get the look, then later she’s a bed hog spralling out horizontally rather than vertically. I’m such a sucker . . .

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