New Music Monday

NMM: New Music Monday


Welcome ladies and jellyspoons to new music monday! Another week, another patch of goodness to bring light to your life . . .


Young Blood by The Naked and Famous
I love this song! It’s a familiar sound while still being original. And the group sound is lovely.


Changing by Airborne Toxic Event
Like the Decemberists, it’s taken me to get on this band’s bandwagon, but here I am. I am a gentleman! This song is catchy with a great beat and life experienced without being whiny or negative. Here’s the acoustic beta version:


Chugjug by Family of the Year
I’ve been hearing this song for a long time but never could figure out what it was. Currently it’s being featured in the latest Advil commercial. Heart. 


Brand New Key by Melanie
One for my mom!



 Hearts to you monday!


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  1. I love the “Brand new Key”!!! If you look at her face it actually could have been me at her age. Oh, I do miss the days of roller skates you wore over your sneakers, that fit like a glove and you tightened on with a key. Kids now a days don’t know what they’re missing. Thansk for sharing. It brought back some good memories!!

  2. AAAH, the roller skates song is TOTALLY my mom’s favorite too! (In fact if I mention this to her, she’ll totally start singing that song and not stop for days.)

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