Rambo and Crumbcake

Rambo and Crumbcake: A domestic goddess weekend


It used to be that you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting an original Rambo movie. Well there’s a shit-load a rocks out there and not a lot of Rambo movies to be found in-store.

A backstory: A while back I found myself watching the latest Rambo movie. I watched and determined that despite the blood & guts it wasn’t half bad. The nice thing is that it can stand on its own and you can get along well without ever having seen the originals. But of course, you mention to one silly man that you never say the originals and it becomes “I can’t believe you. You need to see them!”. Perhaps I should learn to keep my mouth shut.

But, as I like to consider myself an equal opportunity movie watcher, I felt I was up to the challenge! I determined that renting them would probably be as expensive as buying them so I might as well opt for the latter. So I thought why not, they should be easy to find. Hahaha. The universe had other plans for my afternoon. Targe’ – no. Best Buy and its subsequent other stores – non. Fred Meyer – nein. It was a conspiracy I tell you! All I wanted to do this weekend was to watch Rambo and make crumbcake. Is that too much to ask?! I was about to return home, sad and depressed, Rambo-less with my on-sale fuchsia scarf and snickers easter eggs when alas I thought I’d try one last place . . . Buybacks is my new favorite place! Not only did I find the original Rambo movies, but I got the ultimate edition of each for $3.99 a movie. Huzzah! How’s that for good karma?! And I confess, I also came home with Hannibal, Working Girl and House of Flying Daggers (beautiful art direction!) as well.

 Thus far I’ve only gotten through First Blood and am on to the second one. I had planned to watch them today while making crumbcake, but alas I’ll have to save that for tomorrow. In summation, I feel that all of this mission for action only further solidifies my awesomeness and station as domestic goddess to eventually be loved by one, equally awesome, and lucky, man.


Something I love about a lot of 80’s movies is that they didn’t become popular until much later. First Blood and Bladerunner were not box office smashes, but the Rambo series is one of the most well-known action series ever in existence, just as men know The Godfather (Leave the gun, take the canoe. Go to the mattresses.), and Bladerunner is an odd cult favorite. Funny how the life of things isn’t always in the initial take off. Sometimes it only matters where you land.

Anywho, I am off to fall asleep to the ending images of long locks and ridiculously huge and glistening man muscles. I wish you all a restful sleep.

Hugs & Love!



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