Friday Nights Are For Daydreams And Planning . . .



It’s friday night and it feels alright. You know what I look forward to? Sleeping in tomorrow. I hope and pray for this goodness. It’s super cold here right now (yes, I’m whining) and I haven’t been able to warm up tonight. I can’t wait to curl up beneath the covers and dream the night away. But for now, I’ll settle for cuddling beneath my fuzzy blanket while watching past episodes I’ve not seen of Criminal Minds. My dad is finally back home again and doing better (thank you for all of the well wishes and good thoughts!). Though it’s more to do, it feels more complete to have him home again. I prefer not to worry.

Anywho, on to the goodness!

The mdx. Oh the mdx. I loved driving this car this week. Don’t get me wrong, I love my car. Spike is vunderbar. But alas, spike is a sedan and the mdx is certainly not. I feel so . . . so . . . tall driving it, hehe. And bonus that the week I’m driving it is the week it snows and ices over the city. Not to worry, mdx to the rescue! Bummer that I can’t drive it longer.

Balance ball technology in your feet! I didn’t really buy into this plug for one to spend 70 bucks on foot apparel. But I thought “hmmmm, what if they do work?”. Well, after a week of varied walkage throughout the week, I will say that thus far I’m a fan. My first pair of reeboks and while I can say that there is certainly a difference in how they fit my foot, I do believe the “balance ball technology” does do the job. When walking around I feel more of my leg muscles engaged and working to get me more bang for my buck with each step. It’s a nice change of pace. We’ll see how the long-term goes . . .

Magazine goodness surrounds me right now. For Christmas my uncle buys me a subscription to Cooks magazine. I have a feeling this is one that my mom picked out as a good choice when I started my cooking obsession. This magazine feels snooty and beyond my brain’s fluffy capacity at this current juncture. Yeah it’s great, but it’s also technical . . . like stereo instructions. This magazine is something my friend K would read because he tests out Food Network recipes all the time. Perhaps, one day my brain and skill will catch up. For now, I’ll pretend to continue to read this and remain hopeful. Sunset magazine on the other hand, that’s something I can get behind. I LOVE this magazine. I really just need to buy a darn subscription to it. I’m being silly not doing so. This month features day trips in the northwest and make-your-own mustard recipes. I don’t normally like mustard, but I think it could be yummy as a baste for meat. Meanwhile in Martha-land, there’s lop over from Sunset with ideas for small backyards and grow-your-own garden ideas. You don’t know how much I am daydreaming of garden-scapes and posies and planter gardens. I dream of fresh yummy foods from my own garden. And best yet, I’m now dreaming of making coffee crumb cake this weekend. I can’t wait to make this!

February is almost over. I can’t believe this. I’m not sure what to do with the idea that it’s almost over. Two months of the year have slipped through my fingers and yet there are ten more ahead. Perhaps it’s a good weekend to think of the month ahead and what I want it to look like. And to start it out well.


“Beyond the east the sunrise, beyond the west the sea, And the East and West the wander-thirst that will not let me be.”
~ Gerald Gould



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