Fill In The ____ Friday



1.   I am currently obsessed with . . .   new music, shoes, cleaning, driving the mdx (I love it sooooo!), reading all about what’s going on in Libya and the rest of that region – it’s scary and fascinating, wikipedia knowledge, re-training my puppydog, the awesome glory of antiseptic foam and finding new clothing combos. And as always .  . . hugs.
2.  Today I am  awake   because  . . .  it’s friday and that’s what you do when you have a job and things to do. Yay for casual friday though!
3.  The age I am is    25     and the age I feel is . . .   dependent on the day. Many days I feel older because of the things I read and do. I suppose I am constantly redifining my previous presumption of what 25 was supposed to look and feel like. I like  it though.     
4.  My favorite place is . . .   any place I feel love and happiness. The Maryhill Museum, Latourell Falls, trying new things, travelling, on a train, with friends, laughing with my friends or family, at work when we’re all easy-going and smiles.
5.  Something I have been procrastinating is . . .   getting my passport pictures done and figuring out what the heck I’m doing organizationally with my room. It’s very sad right now. I should put the pass-a-port thing on my list this weekend though.
6.  The last thing I purchased was  . . .  groceries . . . right before I freaked out trying to get home because I realized I was stuck on the hill and it was turning into a sheet of ice.
7.  The thing I love most about my home is . . .  that my kitchen is fairly big, that I have my own bathroom and that my dog is always there waiting happy and excited to see me.

Happy friday my lovely ladies and jellyspoons!


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  1. “Today I am awake because . . . it’s friday and that’s what you do when you have a job and things to do.”

    Cracked me up. You hit the nail on the head, lady.

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