Things I Love Thursday!


~ Little Things I’m Lovin’ ~


 Handlebar moo-staches!  Shoe karma. That’s right, having good karma in life helps you have good shoe luck. It pays to be fabulous!  Seeing my puppydog get her booty wiggle back.  Sprizzle – sparkling blackberry juice. Yum!  Automated savings accounts and my amazing banker guy Self-manicures during the winter. Dry hands be gone!  Needing sunglasses in February  Saving enough money for my passport  Changing gears to do my Seattle trip early in the name of culture  The Avatar soundtrack ♥ Watching Oscar acceptance speeches from past years  Julia Roberts’ laugh  Ruffles, tassels and bright yellow . . . on my shoes! ♥ Settling back into the house after vacation ♥ Noodles’ mac & cheese. Every once in awhile you have a hankering for comfort food that’s not too bad for you and you don’t have to make yourself   The AAA magazine and Sunset magazine. They always give me great travel ideas! Avatar . . . Still.  Seeing my Dad get better and being able to help  Happy puppy smile ♥ The Give A Damn campaign  Getting The Wolfman FINALLY! Sitting on the couch with Boo while doing work and watching the dvr  Driving the MDX. Even if only for a little while . . . Pizza night. Because sometimes, it just fits The idea of doing an overnight raft trip with my work fam. That’d be so fun!!! The Adjustment Bureau almost being out  Strong interesting women (potential girl crushes): Emily Blunt, Rosario Dawson, Alice Braga and Zoe Saldana February Snow!!! Lovely purple tulips to brighten my day

 Bandaids. “I am stuck on band aid brand because band aid’s stuck on me!”


 8 Heads In A Duffle Bag. I love this movie! I can’t help it, every time. And this scene . . . my fav. 



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