All Hospitals Smell The Same . . .



All hospitals smell the same, have you ever noticed that? I understand the cold thing (it keeps down germs and bacteria, etc), but they all smell the same. Probably a product thing, but it’s disgustingly reassuring and dependable.

My father is in the hospital right now. It’s not something I’m really sharing with those I know . . . they either know my father or I simply don’t much want to hear the “I’m so sorry, he’ll be alright, let me know if you need anything” a dozen times. It’s not that I don’t appreciate it, but I don’t have the mental capacity to contemplate it all. I know just fine and dandy that he’ll be ok in a couple of days, but my heart lurches into my stomach a bit when seeing him there and it reminds me that time is limited and there is a bigger picture.

My friends have been amazing. One helped me with my dog when I was unable. My lovely work friend gave me hugs and tulips after I broke down this morning. I don’t even ever do that. Completely abnormal for me. I couldn’t keep it in anymore. I cry at movies and songs just fine. But life events, not really. I’m usually the “strong one”.

I will say that a weird saving grace is the puppydog. To come home to her and play and snuggle and think about something rather than being home alone with my own brain, that is comfortingly lovely.

I’m not sure why I’m sharing all of this other than I wish you all love and wellness and that I wish you all the realization that time is limited and to appreciate all of the goodness and good people in your life. Hugs & Love!



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  1. I’m not going to tell you, “I’m so sorry, he’ll be alright, let me know if you need anything,” but instead I’ll just send you and your family good thoughts.

    Yes, hospitals does all smell the same. It’s like a mix of sickness, rubbing alcohol, and latex. That’s my interpretation.

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