New Music Monday



It’s a sad day when you have no new music for music monday. Alas . . . sad face. Instead, I’ll share some of my workout playlist from my phone to go with my workout themed lifestyle change of late. I love working out, but getting back into the swing of things kind of bites the big one. Music is the perfect motivator to get you over that hurdle, make you keep moving and help you groove a little easier. Bonus if you do a little boogie or shuffle down the street while listening . . .

Beware: Much of this list may be a little “pop-y”. Can’t help it. Deal.


  • Baby Workout ~ Jackie Wilson
    Totally old fashioned dance-able and lovely. How can you not smile?


  • Conga ~ Gloria Estefan
    80’s flashback anyone?


  • Eye of the Tiger ~ Survivor
    Would Rocky make it up that hill? I think so. Move your bum champ!


  • Fort Knox ~ Goldfish
    Who didn’t get a kick out of the first kia hamster commercials?!


  • Lay Me Down ~ The Dirty Heads
    Because I said so.


  • Mother ~ Danzig
    At the time this song was regularly playing on the radio, I was in love with it so much that I was elated when at the aquarium I found someone wearing a Danzig tshirt. I even took a pic.


  • Savior ~ Rise Against
    Love this song!


  • Senorita ~ Justin Timberlake
    The end repeat grove is awesome. I can’t help it. Don’t hate me.


  • Remedy ~ Little Boots
    I am not alone in this song


So yes, this is my desperate attempt at NMM this week. Just go with it. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be lucky and you’ll find something you like. Hugs & love and happy monday!




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  1. I came from the Northwest and, oh, how I miss those mountains… I love the beach, but you never realize how much you take something for granted until you don’t have it. And I love the East Coast, but these are no mountains, my friends. I love, and miss, the real mountains of the great NW…

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