Snow Trip


After all of my ranting and raving about my excitement over the snow trip, I thought I’d finally share. In a word . . . Stunning. I forgot how snow can render me speechless over the quiet, peaceful beauty. The cabin we stayed at was lovely, big enough for everyone to have their own space and yet small enough to not be overwhelming. And oh my gosh, this place was more well-equipped than most homes. All of the amenities plus. IT was perfect for us.

To start, what was supposed to be a “5 hour drive” turned out to be a 9 hour drive. And of course, I picked the long way around. Silly bean. So after 9 hrs in the car with my pops and the dog, we finally arrived at 8 something at night . . . and promptly crashed. Waking up Sunday morning was like waking up on Christmas morning . . . bright, shiny and giddy. The snow was breathtaking and the place we were at was incredibly serene. Away from the road, no sounds but the running creek beside us and snow falling off trees in the distance. I went to down and spent the day driving between the small communities and walking amongst the shops. I attempted to fulfill my snowmobiling endeavor , but alas, being a single person makes it a tad more inconvenient apparently. I shall just have to save it for another time. So instead I ate lunch at a great little mexican restaurant and had the most amazing deep fried ice cream!


After lunch I drifted around, came across a cute little shop called The Vintage Quail. I found all sort of deliciousness that reminded me of home, even moonstruck chocolate! Valentine’s Day was spent much the same. I played in the snow with boo (RE: sank in the snow), explored a little more and had lunch at another cute hole-in-the-wall kind of place. I spent much of the day wandering and wondering what living there might be like.


   Any place that turns an old schoolhouse into a place to celebrate beer is A-OK in my book. The children drove them to it . . .



For anyone in search of a little adventure . . . Winthrop, WA is located just a hair south of the Canadian border in eastern Washington. It is one of three or four towns in the Methow Valley which is situated smack against the cascades. There are hotels and cabins to stay at throughout the area, a ski and snowshoe school in Mazama, plenty of friendly people and lots to see! During the summer they have fly-fishing, baseball games, a blues festival and plenty more. If you ever seek some new scenery, I highly recommend!

Go. Now.


Hugs & Love and happy ventures!


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