Dia de la Girly!



So, ya know all that stuff I was planning on doing today? Scratch it, hehe. To do tomorrow. Instead I found myself scouring two Rack stores for lovely shoes. That’s right, I spent the whole day shoe shopping. Could I be anymore of a foregone conclusion? Who cares!

I put sneakers on my to-get list this paycheck and thought perhaps today was a good day to do it. In all fairness, I haven’t really bought shoe shoes in a long while. They say if you are actively using your sneakers, you should replace them every 6 months to a year. Mine are almost two years old. Not to mention the other pairs I’ve sadly kept hanging just because. I confess to even attempting to repair the soles of one pair because I liked them so much. That’s right, I have a pair of shoes that talked. But not no mo!

Heels, is whole other story entirely. Originally I only bought payless heels because I was young and cheap was good and I didn’t know any better. Then I learned that a good pair of heels holds up better and longer. But that doesn’t mean that many ended up in my possession. And I haven’t been shopping for heels (beyond an uncomfortable pair for a wedding) in years! This is just sad. Between weather, wear & tear, a dog, etc my dress shoes have gone the way of the dinosaur. They were old or didn’t look or feel right anymore. So I’ve been a bit without appropriate work/going out shoe apparel and have been limiting myself a bit to a pair or two here and there that I can’t actively wear all the time without wanting to cut off my feet.


 First I drive out to the hills with the shoe endeavor. And I am once again met with the queens of Portland who are also shopping in my section. I can’t hate them though, they are too fabulous. After isles upon isles of walking comparing and mulling over, trying to justify spending x amount of money, debating on buying shoes that don’t truly fit despite my love of them, I walk out with one pair of sneakers. In an hour or two I became the new owner of my first pair of Reeboks ever. And they are those toner ones. I always wondered what they were like and even more, wondered if they did the job. Well I don’t know yet, but I love that they’re black and super-duper comfy. But alas, I was not satisfied. I came for a pair of new trail runners and hoped for a pair of dress shoes damnit. So I drove across town to the other Rack and low and behold . . . pay dirt! The astonishing shame of carrying an armful of well-balanced shoes to the matching counter could not dissuade me from the gloriousness of it all. And oh my, it was glorious. All of the heels I bought were on extra on sale on top of their already dropped prices because of president’s day. I forget about things like holiday sales.  I finally found a pair of shorter heeled black shoes that are comfortable for work and going out, finally found a pair of brown shoes (how long I have been looking for some!)and yes, I confess, I actually bought the bright yellow heels. I couldn’t help myself. It’s not an impulse buy if I put them back once before and they are still there and fantastically on sale. I can’t really wear yellow as a staple, I’m pale. So having a little bit in my wardrobe makes me smile. Like a little peek o’ drama. And I’m elated that I also found a pair of nike’s that will be perfect for trail running! Bonus that there’s hot pink in them! Did I really just say that?

Ok ok, I’m done drowning you in my girly gushyness that overcame me today. It had to be done.
And now, you can go on about your life with your day just a little more complete. You’re welcome.



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