Things I Love Thursday!


~ Things I Love Thursday ~ 


I’m feeling so much better today than I have for a while (excluding the vacay time). My body is feeling the stiff thing goin’ on and I know the pain will begin, but for now, it feels wonderful. The puppydog and I had a wonderful morning walk in the rain  and I challenged myself with a couple of new hills. Thank heavens for music that keeps you movin’ and groovin’. Work has picked up today (yesterday was eyeball-forkoutage-slow) and I think it’ll be a good one. The tummy is already grumbling which is a good sign and I have some extra energy.

And now I feel like I’m ra-ra-ing, so on to my list!


 My Diane Keaton blue & white dress shirt My natural curls  Red dress flats. They’re stylin’. ♥ Snow. Walking with the dog in snow and sinking up to your hip every two or three steps and laughing each time you sink because it’s freaky.  The fuzzy knit scarf I bought at the country quail  Winthrop, WA!!! May be a 6 hour drive, but it was definitely worth it.  The thick metal red heart I got that feels like a paperweight but is chipped so it makes me smile Finding Moonstruck chocolate near the Canadian border. Yum! ♥ Dreaming of new trail running shoes and scouring for goodness Planning an opera trip to Seattle at the end of the month Discovering trail mix and mangoes in your desk drawer that you had forgotten about! Cha-ching!  That guy at that place with that smile Coming back from vacation and only having a three day work week Early pay day Getting called on for Jury Duty. On one hand, I dread this. On the other hand, it’s kind of exciting to be called to perform a civic duty. Longer days My timberland boots. They held up like champs! I am in love!


♥ Discovering JJ Heller. I like any kind of music. I don’t mind faith-based music as long as it’s not overly preachery.
For example, I love these two songs – the first is by JJ Heller, the other is MercyMe




Andy Batt Photography! He’s the photographer for the Oregon Ballet Theater and absolutely amazing. Check these out:


 Happy thursday lovies!





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