Back In The Saddle Again


Well I’m back in the saddle again. In more ways than one! Back to waking up early (oh joy!). Back to work – this one took me a bit to get back into the groove of and I still don’t feel like I’m there. Back to working on training the puppydog. “We” are currently experiencing some behavioral “issues” that are requiring extra attention and occasional sad-face-temporary-punishment. I find this disappointing. Like any parent, I look at my puppydog’s behavior as a reflection of my own so when I notice there being certain things needing to be addressed, I know that I have to look no further than in the mirror. Thus, I am also back in the saddle with working out again. This kills three birds with one stone – my arse gets a’ movin’, her arse gets a’ movin’ and, hopefully, with the exercise and added “bonding time” we can correct the afflicted ill-choosing process of le’ puppydog. Fingers crossed! Getting back into working out again kind of sucks. On one hand, you feel great that you are doing it. On the other hand you feel like a dumbass for ever stopping in the first place. And your body reminds you of this by punishing you with pain. Let there be pain! Being outside so much this weekend reminded me what it used to feel like . . . the fresh air, moving around and enjoying every minute of it. Therefore, I decided that staying planted in my domicile was no longer an option. So I put down in writing to committing to walking my dog at least once a day (weather permitting) and not half-assing the walk either. We’re talking a real walk here. Which will then lead to a real jog which will be followed by a real trail run. I proclaim it so!

What about you? Is there anything you are trying to bring back into your life? How’s that going?


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