My Luva List


My Luva List


Valentine’s Day is here. It’s here, it’s here! My favorite holiday is here! With that, I thought I’d share some of my luva list. A list filled with romantic things I love. things I love receiving, gestures and thoughts, things I do out of love . . . things to perhaps remind you of love too!


  Flowers without baby’s breath. Especially peonies and dahilias!

  Songs that make me smile and rereading passages that remind me of what love is . . .

  Romantic movies like Baby Boom, Witness, Moulin Rouge, The Village, V for Vendetta, Sleeping Beauty, Stardust, Eat Pray Love, August Rush and The Lake House . . . Yes, I find all of these romantic in some way or another.

♥  Sending valentine’s to friends and family and finding cute teensy cards to still wish the boys happy vday

  A good hug that melts you into that person so that their sweet smell engulfs you and you wish to never let go . . .

  A foot-poppin’ kiss!

  A hand on the small of my back as we walk into a room . . .

  Not being the one to drive. Every once in a while it’s nice to feel a little extra like the girl.

♥  A good tub soak to melt your cares away

♥  Giving yourself permission to tell life no and to escape to a “far off” destination

♥  Expanding your horizons and knowledge through self-motivation

♥  Buying yourself a little something to remind you of love  . . .  today I bought a sumptuous scarf, peach soap and a heart.

  Exploring new territory in life, even if it’s a little scary!

♥  Surrounding yourself with things that are warm and loving . . . for me it’s cozy blankets, my friends – family – puppydog, hearts & my love sign, and culture.

  Lovely words . . . adore, j’taime, love, attraversiamo, bueno, sweetness, cuddlebug . . .

  Love trinkets . . . comfy hats, my heart necklaces, things of pink, lover window stickies

♥  Dressing up to make yourself feel special

  Loving yourself . . . no matter what others think or say or do, to thine own self be true!


I wish, whether you are single or not or in between, that you find love. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Hugs & Love!



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