A List Before Leaving

~ A List Before Leaving ~


“Crap. Now I’m Awake”: It’s 5:30am on a Saturday morning and I’m awake. I wasn’t even planning on being awake until 6, but noooooo, just had to wake up to pee at 5. 6 was bad enough! Ya ever wake up to pee or get a drink and then find out that your plan of falling back to sleep does not turn out like you hope? If not, just to let you know, it bites the big one. And it’s not like I’ll be a passenger or taking a plane and can sleep, no no, I’m driving. Yes, I have the offer to not drive, but I know that if I give up the driver’s seat one ounce that I’ll never get it back from my Dad. Maybe it’s a man thing or something. On the flip side, I get to put him through the same torture he puts me through on every road trip and pull over for “five minutes” and “rest my eyes”. Epic win.

“Making Lists & Checking Them A Bazillion Times”: I could be in the shower right now, but I look at this as therapeutic. I’m mostly packed. But still have to finish that, finish packing for Boo, shower, clean out the car & vacuum it, go grocery shopping and finishing hiding things into the garage,etc for the carpet cleaners this weekend. Oh, and did I mention that’s all before 9:30am? Oh yeah baby. It’s gonna be a day. I know I’ll bring something I won’t need and probably forget something I do. I hope not. But I fear this hope might be futile.

“The Week That Would Not End”: This week has been nuts. We had one guy gone the whole week and two guys training. The helpdesk exploded all over me with a swamp of new program calls, phones, domain names and everything else under the sun. I got to talk to one of my favorites and plenty more of my less than favorites. I’ll take the first part of that any day. The gone guy came back yesterday finally, but even that didn’t spare us because he still hasn’t bothered to learn a lot of the new program release and nuances. It’s sad when your new guys know it more than you already. And at the end, of course, it just kept going. Domain names going to the wrong IP, website tickets and then finally, a last-minute vice presidential call from one of our clients and I’m probably the better one to take it. I’m already an hour into overtime. And normally, I wouldn’t care, I’d stay as long as I need to and rack up the benjamins, but this is the one day that I can’t do that. Of course it is. Oh don’t get me wrong, there were great moments too. Hardy laughter and boy jokes, nerd parties, an in-depth convo, and a culture night (share later) – all of these made it worth it. If your day is hellish AND you can’t laugh, it will chew you up and spit you out.

” Mission Discovery”: I’ve been wondering for a while now what my next culture adventure was going to be since I cycled through my first of the year plans. But it came to me the other evening at opera night: Don Quixote in Seattle. That’s right ladies and jellyspoons, opera road trip! It’s playing in Seattle at the end of the month. While yes, my Seattle trip wasn’t suppose to be until late spring, I’m thinking of making an exception. It’s a fun story, and the music  is terrific! And Seattle is always fun and I could kill another bird with the same stone by going to Pike St that same trip. The are also doing Mozart’s Don Giovanni next month. Damn. The temptation. Portland has one or two more shows, but they aren’t anything I’m overly interested in. But these, ooo la la!

Well I’m going to try to take a quick cat nap. Love and safe adventures this weekend!



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  1. I hate waking up to go pee and can’t go back to sleep! Grrrr…that’s the worst.

    I’m sorry to hear that this week was a busy one for you. Hopefully, next week won’t be that crazy!

    Have a good weekend….

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