Things I Love Thursday!

~ Things I Love Thursday ~


Happy TiLT everyone! And almost V-day too! What a crazy week . . . one of our team members at work had a last minute emergency and has been out for the week, all in the midst of training two new crew victims. Luckily, they are awesome and fit right in, but I was nearly ready to pull my hair out twice today. Tonight was gaming night which was tons o’ fun and included free food. I even made cheesecake cupcakes, rice krispy treats and mango salsa for the goodness to be had. I can’t believe only two more days of the week though . . . opera night and then packing night! We leave on Saturday, I can’t believe it!!! The trip is finally here. I was feeling a little lack-luster about it last week which put a little fear into my heart about not enjoying the trip as much, but I got re-psyched and now I’m ready for snow. Bring it on! Snow snow snow. I’m so giddy, I can hardly stand it. And it’s the first real snow for the puppydog so it’s goodness to be shared around.


♥ Having pink and white did-them-myself polka dot toes ♥ Seeing our garage morph into something new as it gets uber cleaned out and rearranged ♥ Reading books this last weekend. I forgot what a joy that can be. I am definitely bringing some with me this weekend. (And yes mom, including the dreadful one I can’t seem to finish but am determined to) ♥ Rice krispy treat squares still being yummy the next day ♥ Mango salsa yummyness ♥ Nerd patrol game night. I died fifty bazillion times, but dag nabit I one day will master the PS3 controller!!! ♥ Bright fuchsia heels ♥ Opera night tonight. I am so excited to see Turandot for the first time. Now I’m up to my fourth cultural performance for the year. Wahoo! ♥ “Subway, what the hell! I’m not eating that crap, that’s slave food. I want Chang’s.” ~ Josh. Classic. ♥ The scene from Halloween 2 when the emt slips in the blood and smacks his head on the floor. For reals? For really reals? ♥ High-maintenance clients who think their BS is passable. I’m on to you wenches! I have a much fonder heart for my few choice ones who bring light and a smile to my face always. Thank you for being you. I wish I could hug you right now. ♥ A new big huge Ken Follet book to read ♥ The smile on the puppydog’s face when I’m finally home from a late night ♥ Dreaming of zoo days, aquarium days, Seattle in spring, my yearly Bend trip in summer and all kinds of other travel perfection later this year ♥ Having conversations with new work peeps. Every once in a while you when you least expect it you will be surprised. ♥ My doggy dreaming ♥ Having my gun range goal paid off and being so close to getting my passport! ♥ Thinking of starting trail running again. I reeeeally miss it ♥ Hats. Glorious, sumptuous hats ♥ Coming up with my love  for luva list for Valentine’s and writing Valentines for my special peeps ♥ Rio’s post on loving yourself for V-day ♥ Using my Christmas Olive Garden gift card to treat a friend and I to lunch. I love to surprise! ♥ A vacation to wipe my mind and refocus on myself ♥ Big Bang Theory Fridays ♥ Putting old #2 pencils and notebook paper in better hands and getting my coworker an “in” ♥ 


 ♥ Sing by My Chemical Romance. I love this song! And the line “hate your guts”. Who says this anymore? Bring it back. Not to mention the 80’s bad-assery of the vid ♥


♥ And though I’m not much of a Beyonce fan, I am still in love with this performance from the Grammy’s last year. ♥


And for those who are awesome, the original version of Layla by Derek and The Dominoes



Happy Thursday!


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