Piss & Vinegar: A V-day Special



Valentine’s Day is a week away. Note to all boyfriends, husbands and secret admirers: GET ON IT NOW! I love Valentine’s Day. I get giddy the second I see it decorating isle end caps and balloon goodness in grocery stores. I mentally gush over the cute art projects I find and recommend them to fellow lovelies. This occurs whether I have a man or not. I don’t care. Oh sure yeah, it’s lovely when you have one, but this doesn’t stop me from appreciating a day to recognize love. I don’t care how much you spend, though a card of some sort is a must, it’s nice just to spend time with your sweetie. On the flip side, I also love doing things for my parents and friends as well. I have two friends with birthdays on either side of the formidable date, but I make it a point to make sure they get something non-vday related and that they are separate.

Valentine’s Related Things I Love To Do:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Send out V-day cards
  • Dress in red, white and/or pink. This includes some sort of heart related accessory.
  • Cook yummyness for my boys at work
  • Surprise friends and family with something special
  • Do some sort of I-Love-ME tradition (i.e. take photos, take a trip, get a pedicure, etc)


But, in all of this ush and gush, I do realize there is another side of this beloved “holiday”. While I may experience a pang of the green monster briefly, I know that for others this day can often be filled with sheer disgust, regret or all around bad mojo. I hear ya. It’s easy to be clouded by the daggers in your heart when surrounded by mushy grossness and hudja-budja-boo-booing. Because of this, I thought I would write a tribute to you V-day disbelievers and recognize that you exist on this day too.

A Fun Factoid: Over 100 years ago, the Chicago post office refused to deliver about 25,000 Valentine postcards because their messages were not nice. The caustic cards were called “Vinegar Valentines”. Sometimes they are also mistakenly called penny dreadfuls.


So dear vday haters, so full of piss and vinegar, I hear by solute you! And here are some of my favorite tributes:



Happy Non-Valentines Day to you!



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