NMM: Cover Songs Edition



Welcome to New Music Monday my loves! I hope you all had a relaxing and refreshing weekend before heading back to the grind. And if not, I hope you at least had some fun. The weekend was filled with young-adult labor and then a nice long drive. And while doing so, again I got to thinking about cover songs. Conventionally, I avoid them. Usually the original is what it is and you should leave it that way. On the other hand, I will admit that there are a chosen few that I do find lovely and can give equal kudos to both the original as well as the remake.


Case In Point: Lynyrd Skynyrd vs Shinedown – Simple Man
The original is by LS, really, you can’t go wrong there. You don’t touch that. On the flip side, I lo-lo-love Brent Smith’s voice from Shinedown. Also, any man in my life, this is the wish I would have for them.



Case In Point: Bad Company vs Five Fingered Death Punch – Bad Company
For me, the verdict is Five Fingered Death Punch. Hands down. It’s like taking a Bob Seger song and making it hard rock. For my generation, it’s not a terrible contest. You decide.



Case In Point: The Eurythmics vs Marilyn Manson – Sweet Dreams
I know, I know. Marilyn Manson. Not many people are a fan so you’re perfectly welcome to skip over it. I, myself, am not a huge fan, but for some reason, I like this song. And before you judgy wudgy bear, also know this guy tests off the charts for intelligence and was hi-larious as a sleek-o-geek bar creep in Jawbreaker! If nothing else, I give him props for his take on the song – which btw, was featured in the movie Life As A House. Also, if you like the MM version, check out his cover of Tainted Love as well.



Case In Point: NIN vs Johnny Cash – Hurt
Like the above song, I choose to separate these almost like they are two different songs. I love the slew of updated songs Johnny Cash covered prior to his death, this Nine Inch Nails classic is one of them. And if you’re really in for a punch, check out the Sad Kermit The Frog version. Warning: It’s twisted. Just like Jim Henson, though many people don’t know it.



 Happy monday ladies and jellyspoons!



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