Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Well it’s Sunday. Ya know, that day before monday. I pretty much plan to be dead all day. It’s been a very productive weekend, but very physical and sort of “oh my geez”  . . .

Friday was lovely. Left work late, came home and watched new movies while baking more oatmeal raisin cookies. I’m trying to perfect the sugar and butter level to make them juuuuust right . They say you can replace butter with vegetable oil, but not so tasty. So I might also try margarine and maybe smart balance. This time I replaced sugar with splenda and it did pretty well. We’ll see. I have until march to perfect – it’s on the list. This week I also get to make cheesecake cupcakes again. Fingers crossed that they come out stupendous!

I spent all day Saturday building strong muscles and working my gluteous maximus. My father-type-parental-unit got it in his head that doing trains would be a great hobby. It would be if not for this one little hitch . . . it takes up lots of space and requires my help. Argh. But he’s my pops and I was in good spirits, so what the hey. Even got him to buy a giant Craftsman toolbox. I just about bowled over in surprise when he suggested it. Could I get this lucky? We went to breakfast and then went to work! Cleaned out the garage, purged for two trips to Goodwill, got together my TY donations for the youth, reorganized the Christmas stuff and receipts for taxes (eeek!), tossed three-quarters of my desk crap away and sorted through the wishful thinking clothing tub. Ya know, that pile that you stash away in hopes that you’ll wear it again later. I confess, I didn’t get rid of it all. Just 2/3. Couldn’t help myself. It’s not unrealistic. I would say it were if it were 10 sizes away. But it’s not, it’s only 2 and I have plenty of booty I can rid myself of, hehe. When it comes to cleaning or big jobs I have one policy . . . Do it . . . And do it now. No dilly-dallying, no spreading it over a couple of days. I know that by the second day, like today, I will be dead. So expecting any sort of big usefulness out of me is just plain silly. So get the stupid thing over with NOW. I will go the whole day, run myself into the ground – even till late at night, and then give myself a recovery day. It’s the only way to get it done.

And while you are getting it done, you should watch this important safety video. It’s better to be safe than sorry!



Today will be spent in awesomeness. Taking out the trash, moving the few boxes/tubs that I need to, putting away the laundry, taking in the TY donations and then the most lovely thing ever . . . a drive to caramels (hopefully they have them this time) and then the most wonderful and relaxing tub soak for a couple of hours. Sometimes, you just need to escape and give yourself permission to relax and not think. Calgon take me away . . . I thought about getting a pedicure, but I don’t think I’ll have the energy when I’m done and frankly that’s just too much driving and effort. Maybe I’ll do it myself later. I might watch a bit of the stupid bowl, but not with complete purpose. Go Steelers! Oh, and I also told myself I’d watch Rambo this weekend, so that’ll be on the agenda today too. I know, I know, can’t believe I’ve never seen it. And yes, this post contains the words pedicure and Rambo in the same paragraph. It’s just one more service I offer.

Well, I guess I better get to it. I’ll leave you with some fun (and maybe not so fun) vintage ads I discovered while combing through google. Hugs and love!


I’ve always loved this movie poster!


That’s just gross. And what the ef is with fat being hugely bolded? Nothing like causing insecurity and passing it on to the future generations.

They call it Bootyliciousness. I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.


Why is giving your husband the finger not included on this list? I’d make my Christmas wish . . . He might even cry . . .


I’m not sure what sort of statement this would make hanging in my bathroom. I’d like to think it says, “Wash your hands or ‘I’m coming to get you Barbara’.”

This just makes me smile. So perdy.


Hugs & love!


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