The New Sexy


~ The New Sexy ~


I’ve recently discovered a new something I find sexy about men: sleek, stylish, menswear watches. I never cared before. It was just an accessory I didn’t ever use. Something to tell time with. But I’m figuring out I no longer think it’s just that anymore. It makes a man look put together and masculine. It doesn’t have to have all the bling and stylish accents. Something simple and elegant. And it’s not the watch itself. A watch is a watch. It’s the watch on the man. How he wears it. A little loose but not flopping around. Slid up just a scoach. Thick and sturdy. It says “I am man”. Why is this my weakness? I don’t know, but couple it with smelling good and I am a puddle of useless meltyness.




PS ~ While searching for this ad and thinking of what sexy is, also check their ladies ads. They are vintage sexy and amazing! Tata, J.



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