Things I Love Thursday


Things I Love Thursday!


Happy Thursday ladies and jellyspoons. Yes indeedy. It’s been such an interesting week. I’ve been feeling out of sorts, not quite myself. I can’t wait to feel “normal” again. Especially at work. Getting into this new role has turned everything topsy turvy. I know I can do it, I just need to readjust. And of course, getting a haircut and some new threads always puts a little extra pep in your step. So here’s to a peppy end to the week!

~ Things I’m Lovin’ ~

♥ Playing Valentine’s Day jeopardy with the folks at work! Did you know that Hallmark published its first Vday card in 1913? ♥ Miss Lola’s giddy love for all things Elvis ♥ How strikingly beautiful Maureen O’Hara was and her silky smooth voice ♥ Old westerns ♥ Having a hair night with my mom and my fabulous hairdresser! ♥ My new gray and plaid shirt. It makes me smile. ♥ The way the new guys at work smell. Damn. ♥ Rereading parts of The Shack again. Oh how I love that book. ♥ The ending hospital scene in Hancock ♥ Replanting my bowls ♥ Being one week closer to The Trip ♥ The new spring catalog from Land’s End. Makes me excited for sunny weather. ♥ The sunrises on my way to work ♥ Getting to add new movies to my digital collection ♥ Not being a huge fan of Rihanna, but loving her new song S&M. It’s like Madonna’s on crack. And I love the stereotype dress she wears! ♥ Taking a night off with pizza ♥ AWOLNATION concert being tomorrow night ♥ Miho! I am not addicted to this place. And the plum sake drink is amazing!!! ♥ Watching a movie that I know makes me cry just for the feeling of release ♥ Pearls with a blue & white striped dress shirt: Menswear meets feminine a la’ Diane Keaton ♥ Being almost debt free again. So close! ♥ Finally getting my banker set up on a homefinder ♥ Valentine’s Day being so close! ♥ Dreaming up cheesecake cupcakes for the boys ♥ Laughing uncontrollably with the ladies ’till my sides hurt ♥ Accepting invitations to things I normally say no to ♥ Aerial shows! ♥ Nerdy game night ♥ Comfy sweaters ♥ Giving myself permission to breath ♥




Get into trouble and have a fabu day!



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