Just Say No

Sometimes you just have to say no. No to other people. No to engagements. No to everything but you. I had to do that tonight. I went to bed an hour later than planned last night in order to feel a little more productive come monday morning. Today started early and just kept going, filled with new projects, requests and training. My voice was shot by the end of the day. And I still had to do some shopping and go to practice. So finally I had to say no. I went shopping and bought a couple necessities and groceries for the week and then headed home and called in quits to practice. With everything going on this week, the idea of not getting home until 9:30 or 10 really didn’t sound all that lovely. It was one thing too much. 

Tonight I put everything away. Snuggled on the couch with some yummy food and the puppydog and watched movies like Hannibal (a personal fav!). And I must admit, I bought a pair of the most comfortable lounge pants ever known to man and am soaking up the comfy. I’m in love! And they are super long which is perfect for lil ole me. I needed a nice looking pair of lougey-type pants, mine were all kinda grungy.

That all being said, I also had to say no for the most part to this week’s NMM. However I will leave you with some opera from Dante’s Vide Cor Meum. Instead of the composer, Patrick Cassidy, stopping at creating just a three minute prelude, he wrote an entire opera for the moment. It has also been featured in other movies like Kingdom of Heaven and sung by beautiful artists such as Sarah Brightman.




Happy Monday everyone, Hugs & Love!



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