Weekend Wonderment!


What a stupendous weekend! Both productive and full of fun goodness.


~ Highlights from Saturday: ~

  •  Breakfast with pops
  •  Finally picked up chains for the car for The Trip
  •  Finished the baseboard trim in my bathroom and changed out the lightbulbs to clear ones. So much light now . . .
  •  Went to an aerial show with a gal pal which included flips, tricks and biking. Awesome!
  •  Had a very large bloody mary that I couldn’t finish (definitely not cheated on the booze), an amazingly glorious burger and grooved to a friend’s band




Today has been something else entirely. Good in a different way. I woke up with a grotesque headache that just hasn’t quit all day long. My body and liquor do not compute. So I slept all morning until it was time to meet up for a ladies lunch and to meet the friend’s new boy. Verdict says: He’s a nice boy. We’ll see. Then I persuaded myself to get gas for the week ahead, wash my car finally (thank heavens!), and drive to Target to get dog food and some things so I don’t have to think about them this week.

Oh gosh what a busy week ahead, I can’t believe it’s Sunday already. How did that happen?! I don’t even want to think about how crazy the days are ahead . . . practice monday, dinner at miho tuesday, hair and mom date on weds and AWOLNATION concert on thursday! Wooo! I’m so excited and terrified for the next couple weeks. Filled with good things and tons o’ fun . . . and a little less sleep. Eeeek. Plus we have another new victim at work so that should make for loads of interesting times. Can’t wait!

Seeing as it’s almost 7 though and I still haven’t eaten dinner and completed my last minute to-dos, I guess I should get to that . . . And of course, what would evening to-dos be without a last minute list too, hehe.

Tidy kitchen
Tidy bathroom
Tidy living room
Laundry lights
Laundry darks
Organize dresser


Happy Sunday everyone. Hugs & Love!



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