The Shit Hath Hiteth The Fan . . . Eth

Oh dear lord what a mess I am. What a craptastic ending to a pretty ok day. You ever think you’re doing ok and then God throws a monkey wrench into everything just to remind you of how shitty it could be? Maybe this is a hint. A hint not to facebook stalk because you find out shit that will only make your stomach plummet to your uterus. A hint to change the suggestion settings so it stops suggesting stupid arse people. A hint to remind you of the the shittyness that hath gone by and to remind you there wasn’t anything all THAT lovely about it. And a bloody effin 2×4 to remind you of the word “no” forever and ever amen.

People admit they are an asshole not because they buy into it, but because they feel lousy and want you to say no so they can feel better about themselves. People come back because you let them. People create chaos because you give them permission. This shall now be ending.

I like to consider myself to be a particularly positive person these days. Not right now. I was already crawling out of my skin tonight and this is just icing on the cake. Frankly, if I drank, there’d be a lot of wine consumed. If I wasn’t lazy and still reeling from the ever-lasting taste of peanut butter in my mouth then I might contemplate finding something of chocolatey worth. But alas, neither are applicable. All this really does is make me want to throw myself into my weekend to-dos. To be productive and consume myself with lack of conscious thought. To do nothing but keep my head down, my mouth shut and do my work. I was happily excited for work monday, now I’m just motivated. Oh, and I want to sleep.

Ugh. The end.


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