Things I Love Thursday!


 ~ Things I love Thursday ~


What a crazy week! But thank heavens, it’s thursday. That’s one day closer to weekend. Gotta love that. My schedule has been turned topsy turvy some more this month with choir practices and getting to work super early. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. I feel like I have no idea where things are going, just that they are going in a great direction.

 Things I’m lovin’ right now are . . .

 Brian Bowen Smith Photography Weekend drives to the middle of nowhere. Oh how I missed these! Now I remember how I saved my sanity in the world before . . .  Knowing I could be an agent. If I wantedGetting excited for travel soon ♥ Storage tubs Days when my dog doesn’t destroy something of mine (recently, my heels. Eeeek!)  The Rack! Banker meetings. I have a banker! ♥  Discovering Urban Weeds – A Portland style blog. Huzzah! ♥ Javier Bardem being nominated for an oscar for Biutiful. I WANT to see this movie. ♥  Shoes, despite the fact that I hate shopping for them.  My chunky brown glitz ring. It makes me feel glam!  TOM shoes. For every pair you buy, you also give a pair. Discovering Rio’s blog. Lu-lu-luv. Blog commenters. Oh how I love my ladies and jellyspoons!  Going to work and coming home while the sun is up. I forgot how great that is. Foggy mornings while driving through the hills  Mary D hugs at work! Losing my voice from singing. At least it’s for a good cause.  Contemplating a blog header design. Because I need to . . . ♥ Fresh meat at work Seeing LL Cool J on the tellie. Heart. Saving $7 by bringing the puppydog in for a 6:30am dogwash Having my gun range goal paid off. I can’t wait to go! BBQ chicken and sautéed green beans from scratch Puppy play dates Finding my keys after I freaked about losing them. Sometimes I truly am on auto-pilot. The dream of a clean house this weekend. Planning a cleaning day all day Saturday and a day of nothing on Sunday. Woot woot!



 Happy thursday lovies!



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