Sock Nights & Storage


~ Sock Nights & Storage ~


I heart sock nights. And for those who don’t know, sock nights are exactly what they sound like: nights when you wear socks. I don’t really wear socks. I live in flip-flops for the most part. Oh sure, I have socks. And I certainly wear them with sneakers. But as a whole, I think secretly that my feet are a little claustrophobic. The like freeeeeeeeeeeeedom! But like everyone else with toes, mine have the occasional night when they get chilly. Thus ushers in . . . sock night! I love comfy, fluffy, warm sock that are tall and bunch down at the ankle. It’s like the soft shirt or comfy pants that make you feel yummy on stay in nights. So here I sit, snuggled in the couch, watching NCIS on the tellie, dog with the squishy toy and me perfectly content in socks. Satisfaction achieved.

Having a mess around me makes me feel uneasy. And of course, this means my desk is a disaster and my room has exploded all over the place. I think I can’t stand it anymore. I was dragged into home depot tonight to purchase storage tubs (we are cleaning the carpets soon and need to put stuff other places) and I found myself drooling and dreaming ideas of closet organization complete with rods and shelves and drawers . . . Oh my! Yes, this is what I dream of. That’s just sad. I’m torn between stashing the cash and saving up to do a whole closet system or being creative with small pieces here and there and just making it work. Tough decision! Argh. To be honest, I’m good at decorating. Colors, walls, etc. I’m all good there. Spacial organization, not so much. No bueno. I find myself drooling at the ikea ideas in their catalogue without knowing how to apply any of it. Sad face. I’m optimistic that one day it will come out as I wish.

I wish you all a lovely and pleasant evening. Happy almost hump day!


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  1. No a problemo, I’m looking to change that soon anyway!

    You’re not short, you’re compact. Both have their advantages 🙂

    And I completely agree! I love finding like-minded peeps.

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