Thingy Things

Hey! That Queen Stole My Shoes!: On a whim of effort, I found myself wondering the rack today with an ounce of last resort hope of perhaps stumbling upon cute comfy shoes for work. While drooling over various pairs and cringing over others, I noticed this thin, lanky, deliciously gay man perusing my same section. It finally dawned on me that I have more competition for my size 11 shoes than just other long-footed ladies. The fabulous queens are scooping them up too! Drats! And of course, he was stealing all of the blacks. Which left me to contemplate a vibrant pair of yellow heels that for $22 I seriously considered just for the sake of being fabulous (nobody else would be that daring!) and a ruffle velour denim blue heel that looked great with jeans. And an Anne Klein set that I just couldn’t quite justify. I walked all the way to the rack and all I got was this stunning sense of self accomplishment.

Oh, What Yummyness: On friday I decided that it might finally be good to cook something new this week. So I bought myself some drumsticks and greenies and went to cooking. And oh, what goodness there was to be had! I made a dark barbecue sauce and sautéed green beans in light butter. Don’t fret, I would definitely share.

Ack! The Sun!: It was sunny today. A first in quite some time. It’s just been rain, rain and more . . . rain? But today was bright and lovely and something to behold. I could not help but go for a drive. So I headed into the Gorge and had a lovely drive. It’s peaceful and relaxing. The fresh air, the warm sun, the amazing view. I stopped at my favorite pee-stop, but alas they had no milk chocolate carmels. I found this to be quite disappointing. I don’t care how good the truffles look or delicious the giant peanut butter cups appear to be. They are not carmels. I had planned to stop for a tub soak on my way back in, but it was getting late and along the way I discovered I had a headlight out. Oh joy. All in all though, definitely a day to be satisfied with. It makes me excited for the spring and summer to come.

Sunday: Is it really sunday already? That means monday soon enough. Too soon! I feel like I need another day to collapse and just be. To mentally excavate the cavities of my overfilled brain. I suppose tomorrow is a new day though so it’s a new opportunity to get everything done.


Happy Sunday ladies and jellyspoons! Hugs & Love!


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