Good Food, Good Wine, Good Company

~ Good Food, Good Wine & Good Company ~

What a good night. My moomoo and I went to dinner at a new restaurant called Allium. It’s french. I probably never would have gone, but I got a Groupon so what the hell. It was good food though I agree with everything I’ve heard about french food . . . it’s rich. We split fondue (no competition for Gustov’s though) and I enjoyed french onion soup and field salad with pecans & blue cheese. I would say out of everything my favorites were the salad and a puuuuurfect german white wine. I think my next ventures will be the wine bar in OC (I’m dying to know!) and the japanese restaurant Miho Izakaya in NoPo. Now, who to go with . . .

In other such goodness, I got 50% off of a front row isle seat ticket to a symphony show. It wasn’t something I was planning on seeing, but it’s kind of exciting! I still need to get tickets to Rachmaninoff and Grieg, but that will have to be tomorrow I think. If I’m lucky.

Tomorrow is pay day! Who doesn’t love pay day?! It means I can make a final budget for this paycheck and the next. And maybe a trip to the bath house this weekend . . . oh how I long to soak my cares away in a giant tub after this week. That might be truly stupendous.

I swear I had lots to share, but alas my brain is now frozen. Complete mush. So I’m turning in and hoping tomorrow brings new goodness. Happy friday-to-be everyone. Hugs & Love!



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  1. Dinner was great. Good food, good company, good wine. Thanks for dinner, it was lots of fun and always good to spend time with you. Wish we could do it more often!!TGIF.
    L., M.

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