1.   My favorite quote is  . . .  “If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.” – Marc Chagall
2.  A bad habit I have is  . . .  Gum chewing? I don’t think that’s really a bad habit unless you’re obnoxious cow chewing. However, sometimes I non-conciously blow bubbles. I caught myself doing it at an event the other day, completely mindlessly. It’s terrible . . .  Also, lately I’ve fallen into the lazy train of not walking the dog as much as I need to because of the rain and the cold. This will be changing shortly.
3.  The first time I felt like a “grown up” was  . . .  Probably going to Arizona on my own. Standing at the Grand Canyon looking over the precipice and knowing that was of my choosing.
4.  Weekends are  . . .  wonderful! Something I can’t wait for. A time to release. Something that can’t come soon enough.
5.  When I was a child I wished my name was  . . .  something other than what it was. Everybody named their kid Jennifer the year I was born so I had 5 to 10 friends all named that throughout the course of things. My best friend’s name is Jennifer. I always wanted something exotic like Gwen or Natalia. Now I look back on it and think that’s just silly, I like my name. Just don’t call me Jenny.
6.  I wish  . . .  I knew where the hell my intelligence and wit went. My life has turned some of my intelligence to mush. I’ve decided that this is inevitable as your life determines what information it further deems useful to keep inside your brain. That being said, I think I used to be witty. I fear this might have been temporarily replaced by an overuse of sarcasm with a heavy pinch of cynicism. This needs to change quickly . . .
7.  A secret I have is  . . .  I love my freckles and birthmarks. I have a patch of freckles on my shoulder, it makes me smile every time. I hope it stays. I was also born with a birth mark in my hair. They say when I was born it was bright white. Over the years it’s turned into this blonde patch. I heart that you can’t see it normally unless that section of my hair is up. It’s like a little hidden gift, just for me!
Happy friday everyone. Hugs & Love!

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  1. I love the Grand Canyon. It was amazing. Now I want to do that sky walk.

    Tell me about it, EVERYBODY is name Jennifer and its weird to call out your own name to get someone else’s attention. Don’t you think?

    • I thought about doing the sky walk too. They had just built it when I want and frankly I didn’t feel like shelling out the boockoo bucks to do it. But now, it might be kind of cool to do . . . one of those things to see . . .

      Yeah, it’s a good thing my friend and I go by different names, hehe. That, or your only go places with awesome people so then you can call out marco polo. It’s always good to have a plan I think 😉

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