Things I Love Thursday!


 ~ Things I Love Thursday ~

Time for another TiLT already? How did that happen?! Thank heavens it did though because it’s been slow going this week and I’m a zombie. So happy TiLT everyone! It’s been a whirlwind of a week with so much music swirling around it’s making my head spin . . . It was Monday with Mozart, Tuesday with tango and then last night I could not get enough of Chopin. I love it. And on top of it all, I found two more symphony concerts to crave and add to my culture goal for the year: Rachmaninoff and Grieg! I can’t wait. I confess, I’m ready for the weekend again though. Professionally this has been a crazy week too with uber amounts of stress. Which is why I love TiLT’s, they make me smile and remind me to love and appreciate.

Little things I’m loving this week are:

Calling in zombie to banker appointments  This Marlene Dietrich photo Sparkly necklace bracelets and classy chunky rings (Get the ring pops out of your head!)  Structured jean trousers  Trying new hairstyles  My huge flower clip made-by-moi! ♥ Daffodils. Still.  Big, heavy puppydog sighs Tango night at The Schnitz! Ole! Giving myself a break from the heels Wishing deeply I could just respond to a client with the word N-O. The end.  Finding out that the 4 OS for iPhone allows you to have multiple exchange accounts now. Awesome news!  Pay day tomorrow. Oh yeah baby.  Dreaming of snow for Valentine’s day. ILY to me!  Using my first Groupon. Eeee!  Dinner with Dad Waiting patiently for spring to wear my maxi dress again. Can’t hardly stand it!  Dinner at Alium tonight with my moomoo, so excited for hugs and new food!  Pon and Zi  Little oranges  New recipes from Martha Lime green sticky notes OPI  Reviews from Portland Monthly saying that The Imaginary Invalid production is full of fart jokes. This does not deter me.  The gal with tattoos in the bright saphire dress and lady pink heels. Ah-mazing!  Singing the Reqium. Every ounce of my being is happy to be singing again. ♥ The new clothes smell  You’ve Got Mail on dvd finally! “I would buy you a bouquet of sharpened pencils”. That would be lovely!  The girly shuffle run you do when in heels  Houndstooth & tween with zippers  The Black Book of Colors children’s book  Contemplating a tub soak and some reading this weekend ♥ Hats! Delicious, glorious, sumptuous hats!  Teals and aquas for a new power color Yummy lovely warm scarves  Jack Vettriano paintings Watching tellie online

 Punny slogans. Like these:


This amazingly beautiful scene from The Pianist and song by Chopin. If I ever have the chance to see it live, I will.  


Hello, I Love You by The Doors


 Happy thursday dahlings! Hugs & Love!


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