Culture Event: Tango & The Symphony


Oh I love culture nights! An excuse to dress up and look extra perdy and something fun & entertaining. This evening I went to a show at The Schnitz featuring members of the OR Symphony and an Argentinian tango group. It was deliciously delightful and scrumptious! Though I admit, you better really like tango music to listen to it for three hours straight and I was reaching my point at the end. But there was passion and fun and loveliness . . . and things I couldn’t help but giggle to myself about and smile.

The Acordian. I really feel that the acordian is a severely under-appreciated instrument. Yes, most would laugh, but it’s actually a very versatile instrument that takes a lot of skill (piano keys & arms movements). And it’s a widely used instrument in other cultures such as Italian & Greecian music, Spanish & tango music. You should take another look at the acordian I think . . .

Stage Makeup. What is it about most stage makeup that has you looking like a drag queen? That or a teenage dance troupe/cheerleading member. The 80’s blush, the if-I-see-anymore-blue-eyeshadow-I-may-vomit, the lashes out to HERE and bright red lips. Ooo la oh.

Seemed stockings. I LOVE seemed stockings. I think they are understated sex appeal that is often overlooked. (Like the acordian). For those who don’t know, seemed stockings are stockings that have seems going up the back of the leg. They were common in the turn of through mid-century in the 1900’s. (By the way, can’t believe I have to phrase it like that now). They were brought back in the late 90’s when vintage appeal caught on again. I wish I could pull these off. And I wish I saw them more. AMAZING!

Purple scarf lady. There was one “gal” of the dance group that was incredibly distracting. I found myself through much of the performance pondering if she was really a woman or not. I should not be distracted by such a thought while trying to watch tango. Not to mention the hussy-meets-poor-poor-styling-meets-color-blindness of much of her apparel. Really? Pink and red do not belong in the same dress. And I call her purple scarf lady because almost every dance she was involved this purple scarf. Again, distracting. *Please note: This did not deter me from enjoying the loveliness of other dancers. That is all.

Roxanne. For those who have seen Moulin Rouge, you’ll know what I’m talking about. They re-did the Police’s song Roxanne into a tango version. And while 98.5% of the audience appeared not to notice, I immediately caught on to it once they started playing and smiled in absolute delight the entire time. Vunderbar! In case you haven’t seen it or just love it as much as I do:


And for those who need a little tango in your life, check this out! 


 Alrighty ladies and jellyspoons, I have lots more to share, but that will have to wait for another time. Hugs & Love!




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