Man Crush Of The Moment


Man Crush Of The Moment: Adrien Brody


I just couldn’t help but put this out there. Now please take note, I’m not one of those googoo gaga curls who’s starstruck and has forever been hung up on brad pit’s luciousness. I could care less. I prefer substance. But right now, I would have to say my man crush of the moment is this guy. I’ve always liked him since he first started on the scene as someone to watch and thought he was very versatile with a lot of depth in his ability. I like that he can go from playing a mentally challenged individual with ill intentions in The Village to playing a gut-wrenching, oscar-winning role in The Pianist to being a husky-voiced manly man traipsing through the jungle in Predators. I think that shows an incredible range that is sorely missing in many actors these days. My favorite thing? He’s one of those guys who is good-looking in an odd way. I like that kind of character.

So that’s my girlish two cents . . .


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  1. Now if he would just show up on your doorstep in a younger version, everything would be wonderful. My bets are still on Sean Connery.

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