I’ve spent all day not doing much of anything. Oh sure, I folded pants, washed pants, sewed pants and watched pants. The last one aka Twilight. Don’t hate me because I’m mushy. I only like the movies and hate all the other crap. And if you don’t know what pants has to do with twilight, you should click here. You’ll like it. I dare say, you might even chuckle.

Anywho .  . . here it is, another Sunday, and two hours before “bed time” and I find myself feeling a little messy. My bed is cluttered with various paraphernalia, everything from a life vest to snow gloves because I have yet to decide where these belong in my room. The floor is in shambles with my redone budget and things I’ve taken out of drawers in my effort to reorganize. The reality is that there is nowhere near enough storage in this room for it to be completely functional. This. Is. Sad. Tomorrow it’s back to work and choir so I find it a bit unacceptable to leave everything this askew. I don’t want a big list, I’ve done the major things . . . laundry (mostly), two loads of dishes, etc. I even ate dinner. Go me. But alas, I have a couple more to-do’s . . .

  1. Throw away old daffodils
  2. Repot yellow bowl so it doesn’t smell funny
  3. Vacuum (maybe)
  4. Dust (maybe)
  5. Switch out the washer & dryer/hang up clothes.
  6. Determine where in the hell I’m going to put everything
  7. Put TY & Goodwill clothes by the door for the morning

These shouldn’t be difficult I would think. I would hope. Then again, I’m cold and not highly motivated to move from my current location of semi-warmth and comfort. Now, I’m off to convince myself that this idea is primo to the other options. I hope you all are having a lovely sunday.

Hugs & Love!



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