Just Another Rainy Day . . .


Just Another Rainy Day . . .


I think this could be one of the best days I’ve had in a while. I made myself a promise this weekend . . . to do nothing I didn’t want to do. For awhile now I’ve been a busy bumble every weekend. This has its merit and is certainly productive, but all these lists upon lists and to-dos gets taxing. I believe I hit a wall this week of it all being too much. So I told myself that this weekend would be different. Instead of hustle and bustle, just breathe. And that’s just what I did today . . .

I found myself in an unexpected financial conundrum on friday briefly that was quickly resolved but required me to re-examine my budget. Thankfully, I get to put more away and pay off some things early. Yay! So this morning I woke up and redid my budget for the next month and then fell back to sleep. I required mucho more sleep! And thankfully I did because it put me in a good mood just in time for lunner with the fam at the Olive Garden. And ooooo, was it yummy! I could sustain forever on their smoked fonduta and peach ice tea. And there was enough for leftovers later. Love that. And I love family time. It’s warm and comforting and fun and effervescent.

After hugs, kisses and adieus, I couldn’t help stopping by the Lane close by to see if they had end-o-the-year goodies that I hadn’t stumbled upon yet. Sometimes shopping is a hit or miss. And it’s especially daring if you do so on a “fat day”. It could turn out smart because if something looks great then, then it’ll look even better later when you feel awesome later. Or you could be completely buggered and walk out feeling like poo. I am happy to report, it was not the latter this time. I found myself surrounded by a schmorgausport of goodness for work and fun, and all but one thing was deeeeeeply discounted. AMAZING. Grant you, I don’t have much room in my itty bitty closet, but I will make it work. I’ve found myself feeling a bit schlumpy with my work attire and falling into a comfort zone. This is common for me during the winter because it’s so chilly. It makes me want to hide in pants and comfort. But they say you should dress for the part you want, not the one you have so I felt a little revamping was in order. A little structured trouser here, some glam sparkle there, a splash of color and a pinch of fluff there . . . voila!

I confess, I got lost on my way home. This NEVER happens to me. I knew the vicinity of where I was, but the heavy rains and accidentally taking the wrong road, so distracting! I eventually found the right path after some scrambling about and a couple of amazing bazillion-point k turns, but mis-calculating is annoying. After all that hooha, I spent an hour or so meandering through the art store trying to determine what creation I should attempt and debating on whether or not to stop by a shindig for a friend. I decided on hair pins, which came out stupendously, and opting to go. I told myself I would accept at least one invitation this year to something I would normally decline. My friend is going away for six moths and this was his send off so I went and said hi for a little bit. I confess, I don’t really like parties. Masses of peeps who all know each other and being the odd gal out, not really my scene. And as social as I am and most people know me to be, I feel extremely awkward in those situations. So I did my thing, said hi, talked a bit and then left. You can call me a party pooper if you like, but I don’t care. My main purpose for going was just to let D know I still cared. We haven’t seen each other in a long while and a lot has happened to him lately, I wanted him to know my support. I’m glad I made the effort.

I’m now sitting in bed, watching a movie with the puppydog snoring at my feet. Perfect end to a day of goodness. I hope yours was lovely too!



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