~ Conceptual ~


I would say that I have a conceptual mind. I like the details but I also crave the bigger picture. I like to see something in my head before I can make it real or explain it to someone else. I have come to learn that not everyone is like this.

My friend recently posted on facebook that they didn’t understand all of the hype that people put behind the movie Inception and that they felt it was “a terrible film”. I found this to be frustrating and it blew my mind away. I loved the movie and had to see it multiple times to pick up on the various subtle nuances.  And like the concept of inception, the movie itself has multiple layers and facets. There’s the story line itself, then the actors, then the design of it. The design of it alone is mind bending to me. For example, the scene where she is designing and changing the physics behind the architecture of the dream. Or for a more action packed example, the hallway fight scenes with Joseph Gordon Levitt. Awesome!

This whole thought process made me contemplate what the difference was between us that made us have such a completely differed point of view. And then it hit me. People who are not conceptual people, do not understand conceptual movies or thoughts. While they themselves have complexity, their mind does not acquiesce to this sort of story or idea because it is of foreign nature to them. For example, I would describe this same friend as a very black and white thinker. They see things as right as wrong, are very stubborn in their thought process and conceptualizing is not what I would consider a strong point for them. Something is black or white, there are no infinite shades of grey. Therefore, something suggesting that the idea of impossibility is in fact possible, or grey matter, is not innately a concept that are able to grasp or simply just utterly ridiculous and in turn, terrible.

I’ve come across this before with other movies and events. I love the movie Pan’s Labyrinth. I find it amazingly stunning. Just like Hellboy II can be silly and still be beautiful at the same time. Yet I’ve run into many who didn’t understand it or simply felt eh about it. Meanwhile a good friend who is also conceptual found them wonderful in their own right as well. Ever run into the people who don’t care to visit the same place multiple times? You’ve been there, “some rocks some sand you’ve seen it all”. Why go back? My brain doesn’t feel like this. There are certain places that I will forever continually visit. Each time I find myself in that place is a completely different moment and experience from past ones. Each time is a different sight and feeling.

 Just like everything in life this is part heredity, part chemistry, part environment. Science and nature. The same reason why there are so many different books, type of music, genres of film. It’s part of our ability to be human, to differ. To debate on what factors influence us the most when in the end we are all left with an ability to choose. I find the human mind thoroughly fascinating. How it works, what influences it.

What kind of brain are you?



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