Things I Love Thursday

~ TiLT: Things I Love Thursday ~


 The above ornament from my Moomoo for Christmas. Love! Lunch dates with my new gal pal from work  Finding out I have more money in my account than I thought My new paperwhite bulbs blooming FINALLY getting my files done after weeks of procrastination and getting to invoice my client My hair today  OPI’s top coat (never thought more expensive would make a difference!) My red shoes. They’re like Dorothy meets modern day.  Finding out my REI order is in. Eeeeee!  Giving my veggie oil oatmeal raisins another try and liking them better so I don’t have to throw out the whole batch Giving myself permission to take the night off last night The wee bit of snow we saw Checking things off my list  Making my first round of pesto pasta & prawns  The joyous burn of your first swig of Coke when you really need it  Chevy’s fajitas!  Having my reservation confirmed for Feb. Putting the finishing touches on my trip  Having a clean purse devoid of crap  Plotting concerts, cooking classes and kayak trips Sticking to my budget despite some initial confusion  Waking up with a better day in mind Getting the definition of narcissism correct and proving it with my dictionary/thesaurus . . . just like radium. Huzzah!  My growing change collection The word Nom De Plum My aunt being in town Contemplating a terrarium It finally being friday and my blog tutorial session tomorrow. Woot woot!


Happy thursday my loves!








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  1. Thank God it’s almost FRIDAY!!!! This has been one stressful week, and the spring season is just beginning…….. I think I need a drink or at least chocolate. Glad the trip is coming together. think SNOW…

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