Delicious Goodness & Epic Frustration!

~ Delicious Goodness & Epic Frustration ~


Argh. Epic. Frustration. Sometimes I want to throw WordPress out the window. I figure out how to post a video and now it’s all gone to pot. Boo. Thank God I have my tutorial session tomorrow. I need to pick someone else’s brain!!! Or eat it.

In other goodness, my REI package came today! Hip hip hooray! I got bamboozled into an REI membership, but I guess it’s incentive to do shit. I’m such a sucker. But the 10% back, that part’s nice. And oh how I do love coupons and discounts. They make me smile. Whenever I order stuff online, and probably for you too, it’s always a toss-up . . . will it fit or will it not? Will it look right or will it not? I hope I don’t have to return it, etc etc. Good news! The running LED light is awesome! It has two modes: flicker and steady. It makes me feel visible . . . like a glow worm. I think I might get another later for the other arm. Oh the gadgets. And, I’m uber excited about the life vest. It fits perfectly! The best part, other than the awesome mango color combo, is the adjustable straps at the shoulders. For sooooooooo long I’ve been plagued with the fact that they never fit me snuggly up there and there’s a ton of space between the vest and my clavicle. In fact, because of that whole suckyness, my arse almost wasn’t able to be yanked back  into a boat because the vest slid up despite being snug around me. But that’s a whole other story. And there are pockets. Oh how I love pockets. Places to put things. Chapstick . . . plastic ID . . . loose change . . . kitchen sink. And for round 3 of awesomeness: we have snow pants! Huzzah! Nothing could be better than pulling on black snow pants that aren’t puffy, have tons o’ pockets, are mucho long enough (maybe too long? who cares!) and fit over my tush. The only thing I wish is that they had a pull tie or something as guys don’t have the booty gap issue at the back of pants that women do. Oh well though. Guess I’ll be findin’ me a pair o’ long underwears!

I also can say that I had a really good day. Thank heavens, I needed it. Yesterday was not my finest day. I just couldn’t seem to get out of my funk. It started at 8am due to some cranky pants and just kept going. I even had to give myself permission to do nothing and go to bed early. But today was great. It was very productive. I helped some people, had some laughs, lunched it with a new gal pal and got all of my files done. You don’t even know how elated I am to be able to say that last part. I confess, I’ve been procrastinating on finishing them for weeks now. It’s very sad. You’d think the boocko bucks would be persuading me, but you know how it is when you start to fall behind . . . it just gets worse! But now, finally, it’s done. Which leaves tomorrow to focus all of my attention on my training session, a conference call and new clients. I’ve been procrastinating a bit on that last one too, but now I feel confident that they’ll be taken care of by the end of the day. Why do we procrastinate so badly when we feel so good once it’s all taken care of? What is that about?!

I made myself write a list today. A list of all of the things I wanted to accomplish so I could have them all in one place (rather than a jumbled mess inside my brain) and feel satisfied as I checked things off. I also listened to music. Sometimes having all of the hustle and bustle going on around me is not highly conducive to focus. It’ distracting. Music lets me drift away and concentrate on what I’m doing.

I think I want to do things differently this weekend. The last couple of weekends it’s been all about planning, having a list of things to do, being productive. I think this is making me feel drained. Instead I want this weekend to be different. Filled with everything and nothing all at the same time. I’m seeing family on Saturday, that should be fun. I hope I’m not a grumps mcgurtch. I’ve been a grumpy puss this week and I hate it. I feel like it makes me sound unfriendly or overly curt to those who don’t know me. I wish I had control over it. Just one more week . . . here’s hoping. But relaxing with fam, laughing over a glass of wine and yummy food, this I find good. I think I’ll also do a long puppydog walk. I feel like we both need it. Maybe it will deter her from eating my slippers while I’m gone. Boo = 1, Slippers = 0. I think I’d like to lay in bed on Sunday and listen to the rain while reading. Catch up on some laundry. Cook some food for the week so I don’t have to think about it.

And be completely devoid of any pressure . . .

What are you doing for your weekend?


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