I’d Stand Outside With My Mouth Open Wide . . .



It was supposed to snow tonight. Instead it blustered about a bit with the mere suggestion of snow and then pooped out. I find this incredibly rude. How jerk facey of snow. Dear Snow: Come. Stay. Stick. XOXO, J. I want a snow day. To curl up with work in jammies over hot cocoa. Yummy. And I do admit that when it first started with a little snow, I did my happy snow dance and caught a snowflake or two in my mouth. Now it’s just cold and supposedly going to go back to rain tomorrow. Oh goodie.

With this, I found myself determined to FINALLY make my pesto pasta. For two weeks now I’ve kept meaning to do it. First I just ran out of week, then my first round of basil went bad. Not tonight, by golly. I confess, it was my first try, but it was delish! Next time I’ll use a little less lemon, but definitely nothing to complain about. And as an added bonus, I also cooked shrimp with a little butter and garlic. Tres fabu! And there was enough pasta left over for something else tomorrow. I tried making a second round of oatmeal raisin cookies last night with some substitutions. What a mess! No bueno. Now making the good ones are back on my list for this week.

Beyond all of my cooking shenanigans it’s been a really odd day. You ever run into that situation where life reminds you what you once were or what would happen if you went back and then gives you the choice of how you’d like to proceed? Almost like a test to see what you’ve learned and if you’re really ready. I can confidently say I chose the right path for me today. Something that could have been drama was avoided. And it all just reminds me how far I’ve come and that I want to keep moving forward with goodness.

I hope you all have found your little sprinkle of goodness today too. Hugs & Love!



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  1. Well, so where is my pasta with pesto? I had to eat diner food instead last night. Oh well. you had better save me some cookies. And ya….. It didn’t snow and no ice this mornung. Sorry it rained on your parade.
    Love, MOM

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