A Little Change Will Do Ya . . .


For a while now I’ve been contemplating some changes at home with my room and bathroom. After X amount of years, I felt the need to be bold. First up on the list, my itty bitty bathroom. My bathroom is known as small, friendly and oh-so-white. Awhile ago I was perusing an idea board from Behr and saw a blue & white bathroom that I loved. I thought, hmmmm I could do that. And after much debating, I did.

I’m ecstatic with how it came out. Every time I pass by it makes me happy, especially in the morning! I have some touch ups and trim left to complete, but other than that I’m pleased as peach. Bear with my stunning photography, as every realtor knows, taking bathroom photos is an art.


Behr Paint & Primer in one. The color is called Jazz Blues 🙂


After 7 hours of painting and “step aerobics” up and down on the tub, I opted not to paint the wall that all my fixtures are on and instead chose to end the color at the edge of the tub. I’m so impressed my line even came out straight!


I heart my shower curtain hangers!


Because of the Dia de los Muertos light switch plate I’m getting, I’m opting to keep the theme going and hang one of my own paintings in the bathroom rather than reframe my Labyrinth poster which was my original plan. I likes it there.


♥ And that, is my lovely blue bathroom ♥



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